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3D Harvard make-up invention to change the whole beauty game

18-Sep-2014 - ‘3D' printing is the buzz word of the moment in the cosmetics industry. The latest innovation in the area claims consumers can make their own colour cosmetic formulations at home...

Russia’s sanctions slowing down cosmetics business

16-Sep-2014 - Global personal care players are reporting the Russian cosmetics market to have slowed down due to sanctions imposed on Russia by western countries as well as the ongoing military conflict...

L'Oreal now uniting ecommerce with professional beauty segment

11-Sep-2014 - L’Oreal has launched a new partnership with online beauty service StyleSeat which will provide the professional beauty segment an ecommerce platform.

Lavender oil farmers reckon they'll lose business with change in EU allergy regulation

10-Sep-2014 - Under EU regulations adopted last year, lavender oil will be classed as potentially producing allergies which places it within the chemical toxins category. This has come as unwelcome news to...

Cosmetics Design is looking for a news reporter

08-Sep-2014 - The Cosmetics Design team is looking to expand its coverage of the cosmetics and personal care industry in the Americas and would love to hear from you if you think...

Financial Focus

Summer slowdown, so what now for cosmetics industry’s big guns?

03-Sep-2014 - It was a slow summer for many of the cosmetics industry’s big players and takes a look at how this affected five of the manufacturers in Europe and what...

Elizabeth Arden mulls tender offer from private equity investors

28-Aug-2014 - Troubled fragrance and luxury cosmetics player Elizabeth Arden is contemplating a tender offer from the affiliates of private equity investor Rhône Capital.

Oriflame results hit by geopolitical tensions in Ukraine and Russia

26-Aug-2014 - The continued political tensions in Ukraine and Russia are impacting Sweden-based Oriflame, underlined by the fact that the direct sales player's latest quarterly results show falling sales.

M&A a high priority for Estée Lauder

21-Aug-2014 - Estée Lauder sees merger & acquisition activity as a high priority as it looks to grow more following strong financial results.

Croda gets EFfCI certification for cosmetics production site in France

21-Aug-2014 - Ingredients supplier Croda has achieved Good Manufacturing Practice certification for its manufacturing site in Chanac, France, from the European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients (EFfCI).

Beiersdorf: It’s not time for ‘innovation mania’ despite market slowdown

21-Aug-2014 - At a time when all the big players in the cosmetics and personal care space have faced a market slowdown, Beiersdorf CEO Stefan Heidenreich says that manufacturers must strategize for...

Estée Lauder says digital will strengthen retail relations

19-Aug-2014 - Having invested further in the digital space, Estée Lauder CEO Fabrizio Freda believes it will strengthen its relationship with its retail partners rather than take away from it.

Estée Lauder fourth quarter results show big growth

18-Aug-2014 - Luxury international cosmetics player Estée Lauder posted record-breaking fourth quarter and full year results that show the company is continuing to lead the field.

Bulldog makes the 'Good Scrub Guide' with commitment to microbead alternatives

13-Aug-2014 - Following bans across the US on the tiny plastic particles in personal care goods, European brands like Bulldog Skincare for Men are promoting microbead alternatives in formulations, which suggests companies...

Canada / Europe partnership to see more personal care sales

12-Aug-2014 - Following the signing of an Economic and Trade Agreement pact with Europe, Canada is confident it will see more personal care industry sales as a result.

P&G following through on its commitment to sustainable palm oil

12-Aug-2014 - In one of its first major sustainability initiatives since the company’s sourcing of palm oil came under major public scrutiny, Proctor & Gamble has launched a new research program in...

Unilever prepared to cut Europe jobs

08-Aug-2014 - With developed markets now a stagnant landscape for consumer goods sales, multinational Unilever has said it is prepared to cut more jobs in Europe if conditions fail to improve.

Nivea and Eucerin organic sales up as Beiersdorf continues growth

08-Aug-2014 - While emerging markets stuttered for Beiersdorf, as they have for all the main players, the Nivea, Eucerin and La Prairie skin care brands saw a lift in sales for the...

Russian authorities put Oriflame through a tax probe

07-Aug-2014 - Oriflame has confirmed that Russian authorities have seized papers from its Russian headquarters in Moscow as part of an ongoing tax probe in the country.

UK contract manufacturer strikes up deal with Jahwa

06-Aug-2014 - Swallowfield, a UK-based contract manufacturer, has struck up a deal with Jahwa, one of the largest domestic personal care players in China, to supply a range of products British-made products....

EU invests €7.75 million in SME innovation studies

05-Aug-2014 - The European Union has announced that funding worth €7.75 million will be given to 155 small and medium-sized enterprises from 21 countries, including Israel and Turkey, for innovation studies.

P&G CEO pledges to cut brand portfolio by more than half

04-Aug-2014 - Following a financial year where Procter & Gamble has seen its sales continue to slide, the company has announced that it will slash the size of its product portfolio by...

AkzoNobel and Solazyme expand agreement to develop palm oil replacement

01-Aug-2014 - Amsterdam-based AkzoNobel and renewable oils company Solazyme have expanded their partnership agreement as they look to further develop the production of algal oils.

UK retailer accused of contributing to ‘fat shaming’ by stocking cosmetic product

30-Jul-2014 - UK retail giant, Marks and Spencer is the latest department store to be accused of contributing to fat shaming by stocking a range of body toning creams called ‘Fat Girl Slim’....

Unilever continues to turn to personal care after difficult Q2

29-Jul-2014 - The Anglo-Dutch consumer giant will continue to look towards its personal care business after a difficult second quarter saw sales slow in emerging markets.

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