Serac group

Serac group

Filling and capping machines for cosmetics

 Both linear and rotary filling machines, with jog or continuous movement, the offer covers a wide performance range with up to 400 containers per minute. All container types, glass and plastic, can be filled and capped with a multitude of capping possibilities (screw-on, flip-top, directional, reducer, lids, sprays, pumps...). Whether the products are liquid, foamy or viscous, the Héra, Gaïa, Cronos, Hélios, Athena and Metis machines offer a wide range of solutions to meet market requirements for multi-purpose and adaptable machines.

Thanks to its experience in the filling of shampoos, lotions, creams, perfumes, nail polish, ... Serac offers a range of services, one of which includes systems in compliance with ATEX standards, and products developed according to GMP and CFR21.

A presence worldwide

With 9 sites in Europe, North America, Brazil and Asia, Serac is able to offer its customers a local service and thus add an in-depth understanding or regional needs to its already extensive knowledge of cosmetics filling methods.

Serac, remains faithful to its motto «we honor our commitments» and has become the privileged partner of major cosmetic products processors.