It began with a walk through a department store...

In 1987, Stuart Herskovitz was walking by the cosmetic counters in a major department store when he noticed consumers trying on lipstick and placing them back into the display units. He then realized there was a need for disposables that would reduce the risks of cross-contamination... and thought... "If doctors and hospitals use medical disposables to reduce these risks, why not apply the same principle to the beauty industry?" And so Qosmedix was born.

Why choose Qosmedix?

Medical Quality
The parent company of Qosmedix, Qosina Corp., is a leading global supplier to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Both companies are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified and all products are thoroughly inspected before leaving the warehouse.

Thousands of Stock Items
For your convenience, Qosmedix carries a wide variety of standard stock items ready for immediate shipment.

Competitive Pricing
The company works diligently to provide the highest quality of products at competitive prices.

Complimentary Sampling Program
Qosmedix offers complimentary samples of all single use items and recommends requesting samples prior to purchasing to ensure your satisfaction.

Blanket Orders & Inventory Management
You can guarantee stock, receive volume discount pricing and reduce lead times by placing a blanket order. Your inventory will be housed in the New York warehouse and the items will be shipped at your convenience throughout the year.

Custom Projects
Qosmedix is happy to provide solutions for all your unique private label and retail needs. Speak with a Product Development Specialist if you require a specific color, size, pack out, or would like to personalize a product with your company logo.