Oléos creator of the Oléoactifs®


More than 20 years of recognized expertise in lipids, vegetable oils and anti-oxidants, Oléos creates a new generation of natural, anti-aging, oily, organic, eco-designed cosmetic ingredients.

Oléos know-how and expertise concern the synergy between the properties of natural ingredients of vegetable oils together with the bio-molecules naturally present in a plant, a flower, a fruit, a mineral: phenols, vitamin, sterols, lycopene, oligo-elements…

Thanks to an innovative patented Oléo-eco-extraction green technology, chemical free, solvent free and pollutant free, the Oléoactifs®​ have been developed.

The Oléoactifs®​ are oily complexes of synergistic molecules efficient to reduce the cellular oxidative stress, major factor of skin aging. The Oléoactifs® provide simultaneously an increased concentration in active bio-molecules, a high microbiological, chemical and physical stability, a proven efficacy, allergen free, preservative free and an organic label.

The Oléoactifs®​ open a new field of innovation, naturality, science and efficacy.

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