Oat Cosmetics

Oat Cosmetics

We are a research & development company specialising in advancing oat technology. We bring to you exciting natural and organic oat ingredients to incorporate into your cosmetic formulations assisting ease of formulation and enhancing finished product activity.

Our ingredient portfolio is made up of several key ingredients:

Oat COM​ – An advanced colloidal oatmeal proven as an effective anti-ageing ingredient and a unique moisturiser for the skin and hair.

Oat SILK​ - A highly effective, textural base that provides a luxuriant feel with natural lipid and antioxidant content.

Oat Lipid: ​​A unique oil, rich in skin identical lipids combining excellent absorbency and enhanced skin feel together with hydrating, moisturising and soothing properties.

aurafirm ​– A range of natural oat fermented actives which improve skin health and boost cell turnover.

Oat BioBeads​ – A natural, biodegradable microbead made with proven skin active, Oat COM (advanced colloidal oatmeal) that dissipates on contact with skin to deliver the benefits of Oats.

In addition to this portfolio of oat-derived ingredients, we also have a range of natural, non-oat-derived ingredients entitled Bassett Botanicals. This range consists of the following: 

DermiVeil​ – A 100% natural, visual and sensorial barley-derived modifier.

Virgin Poppy Seed Oil​ – A sustainably sourced, natural virgin oil containing sterols and Vitamin E.

We have extensive specialised knowledge of our ingredients, which allows us to be reactive to your needs. We offer you exceptional oat ingredients backed by science supported by technical advice.

We believe in defined and transparent supply chains from field to face, starting with optimised varieties of oats; grown under controlled conditions on selected farms and processed through our patented technology. This allows you the confidence of a reliable, sustainable, traceable and a safe supply of oat ingredients.

We market and sell our ingredients to formulators and contract manufacturers globally through our distributor network, and take pride that both our ingredients and service are of the highest quality.