Laboratoires Hevea

Laboratoires HEVEA
Philosophy and commitment of Laboratoire HÉVÉA

 100% natural products made exclusively from plants originating from five continents and harvested showing respect for their ecosystem and biodiversity.

 An ethical and ecological approach that respects indigenous populations and the environment thanks to recyclable packaging and packaging materials.

 Hand-made, freshly prepared products.

 Guarantee that we do not carry out any tests on animals and do not purchase raw materials that have been subject to animal testing.

 Laboratoire HÉVÉA quality guarantee

 Rigorously selected and analysed raw materials. The most modern methods and the scientific expertise of a team highly qualified in selecting and analysing all our raw materials.

 Products manufactured and tested in accordance with the strictest standards.

 The HÉVÉA range of original raw materials

 A very large selection of top-end raw materials, all sold with their analysis certificate.

 More than 140 pure and completely chemotyped essential oils.

 Our vegetable oils and butter are exceptionally high quality precious raw materials: they are obtained directly from the oil-producing organs of plants in a first cold pressing procedure using exclusively mechanical means. They are totally pure, complete and 100% natural. We offer a range of vegetable oils freshly pressed for you with care, which guarantees raw materials of unequalled organoleptic quality and maximum freshness.

 Our oily macerats are freshly prepared in a reduced quantity in order to preserve all their active principles.

 Our hydrolates, and absolutes.

 And also:

 Our natural and fresh cosmetic products for SPA and beauty, and our aromatic cooking oils developed from extra virgin vegetable.

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