InnoFaith Beauty Sciences

InnoFaith Beauty Sciences

InnoFaith Beauty Sciences develops and manufactures full-custom diagnostic instruments and instrumental cosmetics for major brands in the cosmetics industry. With almost 20 years of experience in the industry and a profound knowledge of the human skin and hair biology, InnoFaith beauty sciences offers turn-key solutions from conceptualisation to a worldwide deployment.


1. Speciality R&D instruments

With an extensive experience of advancedoptics, imaging, electromechanics, chemical sensing, ultrasonics, image and signal processing​ and embedded electronics, ​InnoFaith beauty sciences can assist you in the development and industrialisation of specialised laboratory instruments. Instruments required for fundamental and clinical skin and hair research studies and scientific communications.


2. Consultation tools for retail applications

InnoFaith beauty sciences develops skin analysis tools which are kiosk based, a handheld touch screen system or a small measuring tool which connect wirelessly to an iPad or Android tablets. Such full custom skin care consultation tools assist your beauty advisor in defining the customer’s skin type and conditions to provide skin care advice and support your unique brand communication and product benefits. Also such tools can be used to collect valuable consumer data at the point-of-sale.


3. Professional instrumental cosmetics

To increase treatment effectiveness and stimulate your cosmetic products’ sales, InnoFaith provides full-custom instrumental cosmetic products.


4. Standard skin analysis instruments

Besides the full-custom products, InnoFaith also offers house brand products; ‘’Sylton® diagnostic systems’’. The Sylton instruments are modern and user friendly with an intuitive use. They provide flexible guidance for a professional skin care advice, help create new sales opportunities, visualise skin characteristics to your customer.


From idea to worldwide deployment, InnoFaith has experience with the whole process. Whether you are looking for a committed partner who helps you to create your next innovation, or to industrialise and deploy an existing concept, InnoFaith is there as a discrete partner.

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