Cosmetochem International Ltd.

Cosmetochem International Ltd.

Company description

Cosmetochem International AG is a Swiss-based company, part of the Lipoid Group of Companies, specialised in the production of customised botanical actives and extracts, sold worldwide and existing in both liquid Herbasol®​, Herbamilk®​ and powder Herbasec®​ forms.


Product descriptions

HERBASOL® liquid extracts:​ Over 1000 plant extracts in different solvent systems, including preservative-free variants.


HERBASEC® powder extracts:​ A unique line of cold-processed, pastel–coloured powders which are preservative-free and solvent-free. Especially suitable for white creams and lotions, or those with a pure botanical image.


HERBAMILK​®:​ A luscious new palette of natural plant milks formulated with an extensive range of different plant extracts and oils to form stable milky emulsions to add emolliency and a touch of luxury to products.


FRUIT & HERBAL VINEGARS:​ A range of fruit & herbal vinegars, specially optimised for cosmetic use in bath & shower products and skin care to refresh and cleanse or in hair care products give hair a healthy shine.



DEPIGMENTATION FACTOR U:​ A safe and effective skin lightener composed of an encapsulated concentrate of Arctostaphylos uva-ursi​ (Bearberry) that is able to both inhibit tyrosinase activity and reduce melanin concentration in cells .e.g. for use in anti-age skin care products to prevent age spots and irregular skin pigmentation.


SLIMMING FACTOR KARKADE™:A​nti-cellulite active, based on Hibiscus sabdariffa ​extract, with claims support data. For use in anti-cellulite, body contouring and firming and massage products.


COLLAGEN STIMULATION FACTOR MAP™:​ An encapsulated stabilised vitamin C derivative with claims substantiation data for collagen stimulation.


WHEAT (GLUTEN-FREE) HERBAPROTEIN™:​ A high purity wheat protein hydrolysate in powder form with following claims data:

· Substantive to hair, moisture-retaining, hair conditioning & repairing

· Free radical scavenger

· Reduces surfactant irritancy

· Thickens & stabilises foam


For the full choice of available actives – see our website




With our flexible manufacturing approach, our in-depth knowledge of plant properties and our extensive raw material base it is our aim to produce fast, innovative solutions which will meet the unique requirements of both the technical and marketing departments of our customers.



Specialist Capabilities



Let us help you to create unique products for your new launches!


Contact persons:

Mr Beat Bloesch, Director

Dr. Jane Tiedtke, Head of Marketing

Dr. Daniel Ibarra, Global Sales Director

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