Cornelius Group plc

Cornelius Group plc

Founded in 1935, Cornelius Group plc is an independent European distributor of speciality chemicals and ingredients with operations in UK, Eire, France, Poland, Russia and Scandinavia and sourcing offices in China and India. Cornelius UK represents innovative suppliers from around the globe which means we are able to offer a vast array of specialist raw materials to support your product development in the Animal Care & Nutrition, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Food & Beverage and Industrial markets.

At Cornelius Cosmetics and Personal Care we partner world leaders in the development and production of cosmetics raw materials. We have an excellent range of innovative and exciting ingredients, all supplied with first class service, marketing and technical support.

We deliver a first class customer service summarised in our Customer Service Charter, and offer:

  • Innovative specialised ingredients and commodity raw materials across all applications in the industry
  • Strong and focused team of industry experts
  • Unrivalled support for both suppliers and customers

The Cornelius Cosmetics Laboratory​ has been created exclusively for our business partners, and offers:

  • Expert Formulations teams
  • Innovative concepts
  • Ingredients efficacy substantiation - and more!

As part of Cornelius added value services, we have create the Quality & Regulatory (Q&R) Department ​to provide technical and regulatory support to our customers. The responsibilities of Q&R service include:

  • Legislative - Quality and Regulatory Assurance
  • Technical Support - helping to shorten product development cycle
  • Information on demand! Handling all technical paperwork and customer forms

At Cornelius, we strive to meet cutting edge standards in both ourselves and our suppliers. Our pioneeringCornelius Supply Chain Pledge andCornelius Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Charter ensure we continue to be a major player in the chemical Ingredients distribution field. We are an energetic 'can do' team and we are very proud of ourDoing Distribution Better culture.

Cornelius cosmetics offer include:

Active Cosmetics Ingredients

Biocides and Preservatives

Conditioning Agent


Emulsifiers and Emulsifying Waxes

Fragrances and Extracts

Natural and Organic Ingredients

Neutralisers and Complexing

Opacifiers Pigments and Colouring Agents

Rheology Modifiers

Silicones and Derivatives

Solubilisers and Solvents


Styling and Conditioning Polymers


UV Filters

Vitamins and Minerals

Waxes and Oils