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sensidin® DO – a triclosan alternative for deodorants

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sensidin® DO – a triclosan alternative for deodorants

schülke offers triclosan alternative for deodorants. Body odour arises when sweat, odourless itself, is decomposed by microoganisms. These Gram-positive bacteria form substances from the sweat contents which have unpleasant odour.

With sensidin® DO schülke introduced an innovative combination for deodorant application. sensidin® DO is an effective deodorant active that inhibits the growth and multiplication of odour-causing bacteria. At the same time it is gentle to the skin without significant impact on natural skin flora.

The deodorising activity in underarm deodorants of sensidin® DO was proven in a sniff test under practical conditions. A significant odour reduction compared to initial value and to untreated was shown.