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Sweating is a natural process in the human body. The evaporation of sweat is an important mechanism for temperature control. However, people want to control body odour and prevent embarrassing sweat marks without fail. Obviously the sureness to be protected greatly influences our self-confidence and our feeling of social acceptance.

Protection can be achieved by using underarm products, such as antiperspirants, deodorants or combined systems.

Antiperspirants are cosmetics that significantly reduce the amount of sweat. Reduction is achieved by using aluminium salts primarily aluminium chlorohydrate (ACH). As astringent ACH provokes a constriction of the perspiratory glands. Aluminiums salts are solved by the sweat, react with proteins occurring on the skin and form insoluble aluminium compounds. These substances plug the glands’ ducts with the effect to temporarily prevent sweat reaching the surface of the skin.

Pure deodorants are an excellent option for consumers who want to avoid aluminium salts. Sweat actually is an odourless secretion. Bodily malodour only develops when microorganisms transform sweat into volatile components like short-chain fatty acids generating unpleasant odour. Therefore deodorants with antimicrobial ingredients acting against the involved gram-positive bacteria effectively prevent body odour.

sensidin®​ DO provides outstanding activity selectively against these gram-positive bacteria. Consisting of very low concentrations of active matter sensidin®​ DO assures effectual protection while being gentle and mild to the sensitive axillary skin even after shaving.

sensidin®​ DO is broadly applicable; in aerosols, roll-ons and non-stearate based stick formulations. For antiperspirant-deodorants (APD) it is a compatible combination partner to aluminium chlorohydrate. APD applications are on the rise, because they meet the demands of those consumers who require odour prevention and reduction of sweat, but want to apply a minimum of necessary aluminium salts on their skin.

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