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Wheat (Gluten-free) HerbaproteinTM

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Wheat (Gluten-free) HerbaproteinTM

Cosmetic Use Properties Substantive to hair, moisture-retaining, hair conditioning & repairing Promotes curls in hair & eye lashes Free radical scavenger Improves skin feeling & softness Reduces surfactant irritancy, improves tolerance of skin & eyes Thickens & stabilises foam Film-forming Stabilises emulsions Facilitates buffering of cosmetic formulations Improves adhesion & durability of face powders Recommended levels : 0.2-2.0% Cosmetic Applications: Hair care, especially for damaged and dry hair Skin care especially for : sensitive skin and babies anti-ageing products sun care products Bath and shower (especially for sensitive skin & babies), liquid & bar soaps Decorative cosmetics (face powder, liquid foundation & mascara) Description High purity wheat protein hydrolysate in powder form : Gluten-free Water soluble Preservative-free 100% plant-derived PDF Marketing Sheet available here for download

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