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The treatment concept of CellActive®- WHITE

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The treatment concept of CellActive®- WHITE

Concept CellActive®- WHITE has been specially developed for gentle skin lightening. The balanced combination of Vitamin B3, sulphurous extract of watercress and bio-available zinc provides a naturally lighter complexion. The Essential Cell Boost-factor promotes the homogeneous pigment distribution in the skin for a generally more uniform and lighter appearance. Scientifically validated effects (A) Inhibition of the melanin production - in vitro study on 3D skin models (B) Lighter complexion - in vivo study on Asian skin: Highlights (A) Up to 50% reduced melanin production - measured in vitro (B) Skin lightening by 11% - measured in vivo (C) Outstanding skin compatibility in the effective concentration range For more details, simply complete the form below:

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