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The Right Range of Ingredients for Your Sun Care

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The Right Range of Ingredients for Your Sun Care

The sun is an essential element of life, good humour, vitamin D synthesis, and bone mineralization however it can be dangerous if the skin is over-exposed. To protect the skin from damage, enjoy the sun's benefits, or even "cheat" by tingeing the skin with a golden tan thanks to self-tanning actives, Alban Muller International (A.M.I.)​ offers natural solutions.

  • Actibronze®

For a smart and safe tan
Actibronze® provides a beautiful suntanned complexion with limited sun exposure while keeping the natural suppleness and elasticity of the skin.
This ingredient contains bioavailable tyrosine, an enzymatic bioactivator that favors the tanning process by stimulating the skin to produce more melanin. It also contains a plant hydrolysate (Wheat amino acids), which contributes to moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

  • Instabronze®

A self-tanning ingredient
Instabronze® is a self-tanning ingredient especially formulated to obtain a homogeneous tan thanks to the presence of DHA and an acetylated amino acid.
Within just a few hours, it gives a nice, homogeneous color similar to a natural tan, without dehydrating the skin. PDF Tecnical data available here​ for download.

  • Bioprotector

An active for softness and after-sun repair
Bioprotector has been formulated around an Oak gall extract.
Thanks to its richness in softening tannins, this plant active is ideal for after-sun care to soothe and repair sensitive skin or sunburnt skin.

  • Glucose Tyrosinate

A natural sun tan facilitator
Glucose Tyrosinate is an ester of tyrosine (amino acid) and glucose, soluble in cosmetic preparations and ready to use by the skin metabolism.
This ingredient encourages natural tanning by stimulating melanin synthesis, which is responsible from skin color.

  • Amigel®

For the perfect balance of mineral filters and a velvet-like skin
Amigel® is an exogenous production of Sclerotium rolfsii​ and a highly stable polysaccharide. It offers a unique softness and also has exceptional suspending qualities, which provide a perfect and efficient balance in mineral filters.

  • Coconut Milk Oil

Nourishing and fragranced, ideal after sun-exposure
In addition to its delicious fragrance which brings to mind beaches and turquoise seas, Coconut milk oil cares for the skin and hair thanks to its repairing effect. It ideally fits in sun care formulations.

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