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Today's consumer wants it all. They want products that are close to nature, equating natural to safe and gentle. They also want products that provide a noticeable benefit, providing all of the function that modern science can offer. It is the job of the personal care products formulator to find the balance between these and offer a bridge between these worlds.

The best of science and nature can co-exist in modern personal care products. Like nature adapts to bridge gaps, euxyl®​ K 903 and euxyl®​ K 940 are ideal links between science and nature for your formulations. Consumers want products that are effective, but are also safe and sustainable. To bridge this gap, schülke’s euxyl®​ K 903 combines nature-identical materials to support the formulation of natural cosmetic products. Focusing on the best of modern science, euxyl®​ K 940 contains a sophisticated, balanced spectrum of mild actives, which offer peerless protection for your leave-on, wet-wipe and sensitive applications. Both new products comply with cosmetics regulations in most countries.

Let euxyl®​ K 903 and euxyl®​ K 940 enhance your products.

Go to for more information or visit us at booth N 40 at In-Cosmetics in Paris!

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