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Protect your skin daily from U.V

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Protect your skin daily from U.V

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Able to increase skin resistance to UV exposure and to fight both UVA and UVB associated side-effects, Holimel®​ is a new solution for daily skin protection against exogenous threats and correlated premature aging. Natural, low dose and efficient both in & out, Holimel®​ is in line with today’s consumer’s, looking for holistic solutions, safer for them and their environment.

Conducted in 2017, the results of the clinical study highlighted a significant increase in Minimal Erythema Dose going from 16% to 27%, with an efficacy observed after just 4 days. This study is supported by an additional trial conducted on human skin explants, which enabled to highlight Holimel®​ capacity to increase endogenous antioxidant defenses and prevent sunburn cells occurrence.

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