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Plant cell cultures...naturally biotech!

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Plant cell cultures...naturally biotech!

IRB has developed an innovative range of products thanks to the exclusive HTN technology​ based on in vitro cultures of plant stem cells​ in highly controlled conditions.

STEMS​ are pure plant stem cells.



Available as titrated powder or 20% glycerine preparation, STEMS carry all the essential nutritive molecules (polysaccharides, amino acids, phytosterols) along with the active substances specific of each plant.

HTN ACTIVES​ are concentrated extracts titrated in active substances.

- TEOSIDE: Ajuga reptans​ (carpetweed) extract titrated in teupolioside (up to 50%)

- TEUPOLIOSIDE HTN: teupolioside at the highest purity

- DERMASYR: Syringa vulgaris​ (Lilac) extract titrated in verbascoside

- ECHIGENA 25: Echinacea angustifolia​ extract titrated at 25% of echinacoside

All STEMS and HTN products have specific and distinctive INCI names.

New products​ under development:


- Buddleja davidii (Butterfly-bush) STEMS

- Echinacea angustifolia STEMS


- New and exclusive active substances from Centella asiatica

- Leontopodic acids from Leontopodium alpinum

TEUPOLIOSIDE HTN​ has been developed from Ajuga reptans​ plant cell cultures, contains more than 85% of teupolioside and has the distinctive INCI name of the pure substance.

Biological properties:

- extremely efficient natural antioxidant

- anti-inflammatory agent

- inhibits collagenase

- efficacious inhibitor of 5α-reductase

Cosmetic applications:

- anti-aging creams

- sensitive skin

- anti-acne treatment

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