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Like the skin, hair needs attention; adapted, daily care in order to make it stronger and more beautiful.

Hair beauty depends on 3 essential pillars which are scalp equilibrium, hair growth and hair repair.

Leave it to Solabia to present a winning trio of solutions and related active ingredients that offer answers to all those criteria.

- Stimulate the saprophytic bacteria and anti-microbial peptides of the scalpwith BioEcolia®​, the Scalp Balancer​!

α-glucan oligosaccharide obtained by a patented process of enzymatic biocatalysis.


- Reinforce the hair fiber and reduce its damage with Rep’Hair®, the Hair Restructurer​!

Ceramide-like molecule, obtained by a green chemistry process without solvent, from two saturated plant fatty acids, behenic acid (C22) and stearic acid (C18).


- Boost and prolong hair growth with our latest innovation in plant extraction called Cressatine®, the Hair Booster ​(download our marketing file)!

Aqueous extract of watercress (Nasturtium officinale​) and Indian cress (Tropaeolum majus​) leaves and shoots, stabilized with plant glycerin.


To complete this hair beauty program, Solabia suggests complementary solutions to sublimate, protect and calm scalp & hair: 
Teflose®​, the Scalp Soother
Nutricert® ​Hair, the Hair Glosser
Glycofilm®​, the Hair Protector
Fucogel®​, the Hair Smoother

All the technical files are available on demand.

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