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Naolys active cells from Poet’s narcissus for a brightening effect

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Naolys active cells from Poet’s narcissus for a brightening effect

Inside Light Poet’s narcissus

are active plant cells made with a specific biotechnology mixing plant cell dedifferenciation and a plant cell culture controlling the synthesis of active molecules inside cells.

They are made from the Poet’s narcissus (narcissus poeticus), a white flower with a deep and unique fragrance, that grows in humid zones of South and Central Europe. Thanks to some specific metabolites it can produce, that plant offers medicinal uses known by the Greek people in the Antiquity.

Inside Light Poet’s narcissus​ are whole plant cells that regulate the melanin production at different levels, therefore limit the skin pigmentation.

Indeed, in vitro​ tests show a decrease of the transformation of the phenylalanin in tyrosine, a decrease of the activity of the tyrosinase and a decrease of the transfer of melanosomes in keratinocytes. As a result, a clinical study shows a decrease of spots by 10% and contrast by 11% on the face (mexametric measurement of melanine index – 28 days of treatment).

All tests were carried out with a concentration of 0.5% (20% cells in 80% vegetable glycerine).

Inside Light Poet’s narcissus​ is not allergenic, preservative free, available in 4 forms, and can be used in any type of formulation from skincare to make up products, in any oil or water based products.

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