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NEW : Absolute TRANSPARENCE ... from leader REXAM

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NEW : Absolute TRANSPARENCE ... from leader REXAM

100% INNOVATION 100% SATISFACTION REXAM, the pioneer and industry leader in TRANSPARENCE fits all product ranges with 100% invisible pumps. • 100% satisfaction Satisfaction for the creators of fragrance who can now work with clear space free of any restraint. With total neutrality, Rexam gives a free rein to the imagination of pioneers in new perfume trends. Satisfaction for customer communication: only the product and message are seen by users. Transparence naturally and totally integrates customer image, and the advertising message is given greater impact. Transparence highlights not only the content but also the container. "The total transparence of dispensing systems is today the dream product, right there in your hand," said Séverine Bourguignat-Chalchat, Fragrance Marketing Manager with Rexam Dispensing Systems. A magic dimension which delivers significant beauty input to the pure and sophisticated world of fragrance.

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