Multi-targeting Technology to Fight against Pigmentation

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GenoWhiteTM​ – Corum’s latest proprietary spot-correcting technology – targets multiple steps of skin pigmentation. This advanced peptide can easily penetrate our skin to:

  • interfere with the activation of melanocytes and its crosstalk with keratinocytes (stem cell factor: -61.3%; endothelin-1: -92.7%);
  • down-regulate MITF mRNA (-39.0%) to inhibit melanosome formation;
  • inhibit melanin-generating enzymes tyrosinase (-79.1%), TRP-1 (-42.1%) and TRP-2 (-91.9%);
  • interrupt melanosome transport by reducing carrier protein melanophilin (-69.1%), and
  • attenuate phagocytotic ability of keratinocytes to intake melanosomes (-55.1%).

Clinical studies also proved a significant improvement in spot reduction (-41.47%) and skin tone lightening (+28.9%) in just 14 days.

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