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Moselle Development - Exceptional Building opportunity

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Moselle Development - Exceptional Building opportunity

Technical information

  • - electricity : oil transformer of 20 KV/410V with an installed power of 1,250 KVA, equipped with double power supply (main supply and stand-by)
  • - air treatment station for the whole building, as well as clean rooms (1,500 m²)
  • - floors: technical information for the storage of finished products : - max. resistance : 6T/m²
  • - conduit existing between the drill hole situated on the land limit and the building: high-pressure PVC, ø 160, insulated with 300 mm galvanized coating
  • - specific load allowance on steel frame: 30kg/m² on the process area
  • - roofing : dry metal sheet + mineral wool insulation of 130 mm, tightness guaranteed by double-layer elastomer

Financial conditions
New building owned by the City of Dieuze.

For rent : according to the customers' specifications, usual real estate lease
For sale : to be negotiated, accordingto investment amount and investor's needs.

Financial incentives

The industrialization of this site is accompanied by an incentives package for newly created companies.

Public incentives : direct financial grants possible for machine investment, job creation, training programmes as well several social mesures and tax relief.
Private incentives : direct financial contribution by the VIVENDI group for the taking-on of personnel.

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