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Merck launches a groundbreaking, inorganic sunscreen Eusolex® T-EASY!

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Merck KGaA and its strategic partner Sachtleben Chemie GmbH launched a new titanium dioxide UV filter: Eusolex®​ T-EASY. This novel material is highly compatible with demanding cosmetic ingredients and eases the lives of formulators.

Eusolex®​ T-EASY is an aluminium-free, rutile titanium dioxide, with an innovative double coating of silica and cetyl phosphate.

The product design solves formulation problems with even the most challenging cosmetic ingredients. Outstanding compatibility with sensitive antioxidants and skin-lightening/whitening ingredients are the hallmarks of this innovation. In addition, Eusolex®​ T-EASY is the only titanium dioxide which can create stable formulations with the highly reactive self-tanner dihydroxyacetone (DHA).

Eusolex®​ T-EASY is fully compliant with the new SCCS Opinion on titanium dioxide (nano); offers excellent photo-stability, transparency and UV performance as well as superior processing properties and formulation stability. In summary, Eusolex®​ T-EASY breaks new ground in inorganic sunscreens and opens opportunities for a multitude of sophisticated “inNANOvative” formulations, from trendy multifunctional products in sun and day care, to self tanners with SPF and skin lighteners.

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