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LightWaves Defense [JS+M] to protect skin from light damage

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LightWaves Defense [JS+M] to protect skin from light damage

LightWaves Defense [JS+M] is a plant cell complex made from native cells of Indian jasmine (jasminum sambac), containing not only its own active molecules but also γ-mangosteen to stimulate activity. This plant cell complex (or active plant shell) combines two cutting-edge technologies: a controlled cell culture that boosts the synthesis of the active molecules inside whole plant cells, and, the delicate integration of a well-known molecule inside those native cells.

That natural plant cell complex will protect skin from damages induced by three types of light rays: UV(A and B), blue light and infrared light. According to in vitro studies, LightWavesDefense [JS+M] showed a skin protection against those light rays at three levels: cell DNA, extra-cellular matrix and microcirculation. LightWavesDefense [JS+M] allows to preserve the integrity of cell DNA longer, to reinforce the production of three key components in the dermis (hyaluronic acid, collagens, elastin) and to limit redness by decreasing the vasodilation (decrease of nitric oxide).

As a result, a clinical study on 20 women using the product with two applications a day showed an improvement on ageing signs after 28 days of treatment (it improves radiance, suppleness, firmness, smoothness – declaration of the panel).

All tests were performed with a dispersion containing 20% cells, at a concentration of 0.5%.

LightWaves Defense [JS+M] is not allergenic, preservative free, and can be used in any type of formulation for skincare, body care or make-up products in any type of galenics –such as emulsion, gel, lotion, oil, etc. ; as it is available in four different forms: liquid and solid. LightWaves Defense [JS+M] suits any type of skin.
COSMOS agreements on request for all liquid forms.

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