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Launching Sof'Twist : a new routine for mini-products

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Launching Sof'Twist : a new routine for mini-products

Rexam Dispensing System, the worldwide leader in spray samplers, launches Sof'Twist, a simple and novel solutions to drive the miniature product market. Sof'Twist is a refined and most attractive product designed to meet all the wants and needs of perfumery brands. What's so different? Just twist the top section of the case and the bottle emerges in the same way as a lipstick. This complex packaging solution is very definitely inspired by the world of makeup. Unquestionably fun to use and wholly original, this novel solution definitely adds a new "twist" to everyone's perfume routine. An innovation combining all know-how Sof'Twist is a small refillable plastic case in which is inserted a 2ml glass miniature with, on top, a small snap-in Sofilux® pump. Refillable? a tailor-made answer to marketing Department's dreams To refill, you just remove the small glass bottle and replace it with a new one. This easy-to-use product offers bold development potential, from purse sprays used as GWPs to a multi-bottle gift coffret making it possible to use several different fragrances. Sof'Twist is perfect for both the sales product market and sampling. The ultimate "on-the-go" product , Sof'Twist comes in a standard version but can be customized at will thanks to a very wide choice of trims (screen-printing, hot-stamp, lacquering, and metallization). Sof'Twist is a perfect example of the synergies within Rexam Beauty, a multi-skilled Division, combining injection and trim from Cosmetic Closures in France and Rexam Der Kwei in China with the Sofilux ® pump from Rexam Dispensing Systems, working to bring to market a complete solution.

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