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IBR-Dormin® Delays Hair Re-Growth, 5 O'clock Shadow

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IBR-Dormin®  Delays Hair Re-Growth, 5 O'clock Shadow

IBR-Dormin®  Delays Hair Re-Growth, 5 O'clock Shadow and your next shave

Men's Grooming & Other Body Hair



INCI: Narcissus Tazetta Bulb Extract

Timeless Concept for Preservation of Youth.

Captures and Transform Flower Bulbs Dormancy and Beauty to the Skin.

Slows down cell proliferation to delay aging via dormancy.


Clinical data shows benefits of IBR-Dormin® for:



IBR-Dormin® is a natural aqueous extract from Narcissus bulbs in their dormant state that is able to slow cell proliferation in a reversible and general manner. Among cell types affected are also keratinocytes, sebocytes, melanocytes.

IBR-Dormin® delivers excellent activity of postponing the 5 o'clock shadow and the need for frequent shaving coupled with state of the art anti-aging and skin protecting properties.


More of the product benefits through slowdown of cell proliferation:
  • Anti Aging via dormancy, the Hayflick limit theory and telomeres preservation
  • Anti Sebum for face, body and scalp care
  • Age Spots - whitening and lightening
  • Hair Removal - slowdown of undesired hair growth
  • Elongation of artificial tanning
  • Anti dandruff

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