How to energize and revive skin using a super superfruit!


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How to energize and revive skin using a super superfruit!

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Hectic lifestyles and exposure to environmental stressors has been shown to make skin look less luminous with visible signs of fatigue. Daily life stress can also cause skin fatigue, which includes making facial wrinkles appear more visible and dark rings under our eyes more prominent. 
Ashland has introduced a new patented camu camu extract, created to help relieve the visible signs of skin fatigue and provide an energy boost to skin care products. With highly effective antioxidant benefits, this camu camu extract enables skin cells to re-balance their natural energy flow, while reducing the cortisol level induced by stress. A new super superfruit to help revive skin and give it a healthy glow.

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Neil Astles Neil Astles Global Marketing Manager, Vincience Biofunctionals

Anne Clay Anne Clay Global Marketing Manager and New Business Development, Vincience biofunctionals

Christophe Capallere Christophe Capallere Senior Manager in Advanced Skin Research and Bioengineering

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