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Full activation of the skin barrier with Sage active cells

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Full activation of the skin barrier with Sage active cells

Serene Skin Sage​ is made of whole plant cells of sage (salvia officinalis), a famous European medicinal and fragrant species, used in tradictional medicines since Antiquity that will enhance the skin barrier function.

Fortress skin

As the epidermis contains different types of defense systems, Serene Skin Sage​ boosts three aspects of the skin barrier: the physical barrier, by reinforcing the corneous layer; the chemical barrier by rebalancing the antimicrobial arsenal, and the immune-modulatory barrier by reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines. Therefore It provides the following effects on the epidermis:

Regenerating and restructuring: through increased cell renewal – increased KI67, loricrin and synthesis of lipids (ceramides and free fatty acids)

Protective: due to increased expression of three anti-microbial peptides (LL-37, Betadefensin 2 and psoriasin)

Balancing: through regulation of the microbial balance in the skin microbiota

Soothing: thanks to a decrease in TNF-alpha and IL1 alpha

As a result, a clinical study carried out on 20 women from 20 to 65 years-old showed an overall improvement in skin tone in terms of radiance (+30%), homogeneity (+21%) and redness (-26%), after 28 days of treatment (two applications a day).

Serene Skin Sage​ is not allergenic, preservative free, and can be used in any type of formulation from skincare  - daycreams, daily treatments, essence and serums, masks, etc. -  to make-up applications  - foundation, primer, BB creams, eye contour, pressed powder, etc.) in any type of formulation, liquid or solid.

Serene Skin Sage​ suits any type of skin, especially mature skins.

Cosmos Natural approvals and ISO 16128 certificates for all liquid forms available on request.

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