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EpiCalmin TCM – Superdefense by TCM

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EpiCalmin TCM – Superdefense by TCM

In collaboration with an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mibelle Biochemistry developed a protective and soothing active called EpiCalmin TCM ​to reinforce the skin’s natural defense system.

The comprehensive efficacy results from the synergic composition of flowers, fruits and roots of 3 selected herbs well known in Traditional Chinese Medicine. For the first time the mechanism of activity of this plant remedy has been scientifically demonstrated. Gene array analysis clearly proved that EpiCalmin TCM reinforces the skin’s self-protection and reduces the degradation of the extra-cellular matrix. In-vivo EpiCalmin TCM was shown to significantly reduce irritation and increase skin hydration.

Thus EpiCalmin TCM actively protects the skin and prevents premature skin aging.

EpiCalmin TCM is ECOCERT approved.

Claims with EpiCalmin TCM

  • Reinforces the skin’s natural defense system
  • Actively prevents skin aging
  • Improves skin hydration
  • Soothes irritation
  • Skin feels soft, moisturized and comfortable


  • Skin care for sensitive and dry skin
  • Anti-redness products
  • Advanced product formulas
  • Sun care and after-sun formulations
  • Wellness and SPA products
  • TCM cosmetics with proven activity

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