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ETERNELLE Perfuming becomes an Art with Eternelle

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ETERNELLE Perfuming becomes an Art with Eternelle

Eternelle introduces an innovative technolgy that revives the elegance and tradition of a timeless gesture to spray luxury fragrance.​ These few words describe the concept of the new perfume atomiser with spray bulb from Aptar Beauty + Home.

Eternelle is setting the pace and bringing exceptional technology to enhance the art of perfuming.

Robust and reliable, this perfume atomizer brings the assurance of an innovative, simple and effective locking mechanism to both users and the most prestigious fragrance brands​. This patented innovation allows for locking the bottle with a simple quarter turn and guarantees with absolutely certainty that it is perfectly leak-proof.

Eternelle is also designed to allow manufactures to mount the bulb directly onto the perfume bottle on the production line​. This will allow refined women everywhere to discover their luxury fragrance in its entirety the moment they open the box. They can enjoy peace of mind when travelling with their beautiful closed bottle, taking with them the pleasure of this timeless gesture.

Eternelle has been designed with total respect for the fragrance. It adapts to FEA 15 (Seal Tight) and Europe 4 bottle neck and allows the same bottle to be used for both a classic spray version as well as a bulb spray version without any adaption.

Eternelle is an innovative perfume atomizer, the first of its kind on the market demonstrating that the art of perfuming is all about the gesture… the timeless gesture of Eternelle.

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