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CellActive®- Hydro - Long lasting moisturisation and pure apple freshness

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CellActive®- Hydro - Long lasting moisturisation and pure apple

Life is inseparably connected with water, because water is the origin of all life. Beautiful and healthy skin is dependent on a good reliable supply of water. Dry skin is often the first sign of a lack of vitally important nutrients and active agents. Dry skin lacks lustre and quickly leads to small, visible lines. Fluid from the inside and supplementary body care from the outside can protect, care for and maintain the skin. With increasing age, the elasticity of the skin diminishes and supplementary body care becomes ever more important. Therefore the skin is reliant on a complete and sophisticated supply of trace elements, mineral salts and sufficient moisture and moisture-retaining substances. In order to aide with this situation, RAHN has developed an active agent whose symbiotic action extensively moisturises the skin and enables it to become soft and smooth. Ingredients: A combination of highly concentrated apple serum, polysaccharides from apple flesh and the E.C.B. factor. Principe of action: • The natural mono/disaccharides, fruit acids and tannins in the apple serum increase the freshness and radiance of the skin. • The polysaccharide concentrate from the flesh of the apple acts as a sponge and forms a long-lasting moisture deposit on the stratum corneum. • The E.C.B. Factor ensures that the skin cells are supplied with moisture-giving ingredients while continuously compensating for deficiencies. Efficacy tests:: Corneometer measurement: The moisture level of the skin can be analysed using a corneometer. The values for untreated skin, skin treated with a placebo and skin treated with CellActive®-Hydro are compared; 20 people took part in this test. A single sample is applied to the forearm. After 1, 3 and 8 hours the moisture level of the upper layer of the skin is measured. The positive increase in skin moisture levels is readily noticeable one hour after application. With an emulsion containing 4 % CellActive®- Hydro, an increase in moisture content of 34 % is measured. This value reduces only slightly after three hours to 33 %. After eight hours an excellent increase in moisture content of 19 % compared with untreated skin is still measurable! Aquaporine- 3 measurement: The artificially reconstructed epidermis was treated with CellActive®- Hydro. As a result of the skins increased moisturisation, less aquaporin- 3 is needed to be produced. The effective and immediate moisturisation of the skin by CellActive®-Hydro lead to a reduction in the development of Aquaporin-3 by around 50 % Videomicroscopy:The subjects of this investigation applied the test cream or placebo twice daily to the pre-defined area on their leg and forearm for 21 days.Compared to skin treated with a placebo, CellActive®- Hydro 4% displays a markedly more attractive skin appearance. CellActive®- Hydro significantly improves the problem of dry skin. Conclusion:CellActive®- Hydro = Intensively yet gentle moisturisation which prevents the skin from stress reactions, and regenerates dry skin by building up a protecting moisture depot.

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