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Boosting and fixating of perfumes

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Boosting and fixating of perfumes

New investigations have shown that sensiva®​ SC 50 have boosting and fixating properties on fragrance ingredients and perfumes.The extension of the long-lasting power of perfumes is desirable, particularly with regard to the initial character and intensity of the fragrance.

Two panel tests examinating the influence of sensiva®​ SC 50 on single fragrance ingredients as well as on perfumes in different cosmetic formulations showed that the addition of sensiva®​ SC 50 in most cases improved intensitiy and long-lasting power of the scent.

Fragrances can lose their character rapidly in some products; i.e. the top/middle notes evaporate.

The fixating effect of sensiva®​ SC 50 increases the lasting power of a fragrance during a prolonged evaporation. Furthermore the boosting effect of sensiva®​ SC 50 can allow a lower use concentration of the perfume in the final formulation.

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