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Beautify your skin with Pycnogenol®

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Beautify your skin with Pycnogenol®, French maritime pine bark extract. More than 20 published studies demonstrate the effectiveness of this unique antioxidant for both topical and oral applications.
 Pycnogenol® assists in giving skin a healthier, vibrant glow by binding to skin proteins collagen and elastin, and inhibiting collagen and elastin degradation by fighting harmful free radicals.
 The ingredient also aids in wrinkle reduction, scar formation, sun care and hyper pigmentation. As a potent botanical extract, Pycnogenol®’s skin care benefits are two-fold, with research demonstrating its ability to nourish the skin from the inside out in addition to benefits when applied topically.
 Join us next month at the Beauty from Within Meeting in Paris where we will present more information on Pycnogenol®’s science and benefits for skin care and how that translates to innovative finished products.

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