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Be different and innovate with an active plant shell from Naolys

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Be different and innovate with an active plant shell from Naolys

Naolys has been the leader in plant cell culture for more than 10 years, developing innovative, unique active ingredients, with whole plant cells rich in active molecules that satisfy most cosmetic marketing claims.

In 2013, Naolys created a new range based on the synergy between plant cell molecules and an external molecule to obtain enriched activity in key skin mechanisms while remaining completely safe.

This new technology enables the creation of customized active ingredients with a wide range of possible molecules, producing unique active complexes and improving the penetration of active molecules within the skin.

Today Naolys offers three products based on this new technology. The first combines Hibiscus syriacus cells with rutin for a powerful anti-wrinkle effect, the second has Mexican poppy cells with integrated polysaccharides for an in-depth moisturizing action.

Naolys presents a new approach to eye care with InitialE [PT+TMG], the third active plant shell, consisting of Tuberose cells with integrated betaine, combating dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness for general enhancement of the area around the eyes.

ECOCERT and COSMOS certification available on request

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