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Aptar Beauty + Home provide a refillable spray function for the new Kenzo Flower

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For the 10th anniversary of FlowerByKenzo, Kenzo wanted its emblematic
fragrance to be involved in sustainable development: the brand thus chose
to entrust its desire to the skilful know-how of Aptar Beauty + Home, fully
confident in its expertise.

To reply to Kenzo’s expectations, Aptar Beauty + Home replaced the classic
VP4 crimp pumps with VP4 screw pumps so that FlowerByKenzo is now
available as a refillable spray.

An exclusive Aptar Beauty + Home creation, these new pumps are of the same
diameter as the previous ones: only a few modifications were required so the
existing bottles and caps could be kept.
For the 50 and 100 ml sizes the same version of the VP4 screw pump was
used on a CV 15 mm neck with a silver anodized aluminum collar
customized for Kenzo​, while for the 30 ml bottles a VP4 screw pump was used
on a CV 13 neck.

Aptar Beauty + Home developed and produced an innovative protocol
beforehand which enabled testing the VP4 on a CV 15 mm neck with a
“refillable” function and validating its perfect suitability. Optimum quality
(leak-proofness, durability, etc) was thus guaranteed for its use.
With this new version of FlowerByKenzo, Aptar Beauty + Home has more
than ever shown its capacity for innovation and demonstrated that technical
can go hand in hand with ethical.

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