Agascalm™ reduces stress-induced skin redness

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Agascalm™ reduces stress-induced skin redness
Agascalm™ neutralises skin inflammation and redness caused by psychological stress.It is a plant cultivated in a sustainable way in Mexico. The respect for the biodiversity, the environment and the creation of jobs means that it is more than just an active. 


Blanca Martínez Teipel, Research & Innovation Manager, Provital Group Dr. Blanca Martínez Teipel Research & Innovation Manager
Provital Group

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Calanthe discolor

Calanthe discolor is a terrestrial orchid native to Japan, where it is called ebine (エビネ) due to its shrimp-like pseudobulb. Calanthe species have been appreciated as gardening plants at least since the Edo Period.

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