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Active make up by Naolys: color cosmetics enhanced with active plant cells

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Active make up by Naolys: color cosmetics enhanced with active plant cells

Active make-up

This is Naolys’ new proposal of natural ready-to-use make-up applications using its active plant cell range.

The application of care products has become routine for anyone wishing to protect their skin and prevent its ageing. On top of these care products, we then usually apply make-up, often on a daily basis. Why not enrich the latter with targeted active ingredients that reinforce or complement the products that have already been applied? In this way, make-up products become even more effective and the skin receives even better care.

Naolys is offering six make-up ideas that include active plant cells, which can be adopted, developed and customized:

  • a foundation enriched with LightWaves Defense [JS+M] for protective action
  • a tinted moisturiser enriched with Smooth Lightening White Rose for extra radiance
  • a blush enriched with HydraGeneration Pale Rose for moisturizing action
  • a lipstick enriched with All Fiber Booster Hibiscus for an anti-ageing effect
  • a lip balm enriched with Full Energy Vanilla for an energizing effect
  • a mascara enriched with Healthy Shine Lilac for healthy hair

These have been formulated with more than 90% natural ingredients or natural derivatives in aqueous or oily bases.

All Naolys’ active ingredients are available in various forms, enabling them to be integrated into in any make-up formula.The entire Naolys catalogue is thus available for use in make-up product.

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