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A.S.I.A concept! (Aesthetic Secrets Inspired by Asia)

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Lucas Meyer Cosmetics get inspired by Asian innovations to develop its new formulation concept A.S.I.A!

- Anti-Pollution Micellar Gel: a detoxifying remover gel to get rid of traces of pollution

- Morning Waterfull Lotion: a water-replenishing emulsion to restore optimal moisture and prepare the skin for the next steps of the ritual

- Concentrated Lightening Essence: a serum to brighten skin tone and reduce the appearance of age spots

- Essential DD Cream: a daily defence cream SPF 20 against environment-induced damages: sun (UV/IR), urban pollution and stress

- V-Shape Gel-Cream: a remodelling care to redesign face contours and get a perfect lifted oval face

- Smoothing Sleeping Cream: the latest skin care trend offering a night recovery beauty sleep for a rested & radiant look by morning

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