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A “chaperone” protein that promotes high-quality collagen

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A “chaperone” protein that promotes high-quality collagen

An expert in lupin, and holder of several patents for lupin oil and peptides, Laboratoires Expanscience has just developed Collageneer®, a new active ingredient based on a highly innovative extraction process. Containing 4% lupeol, this oily extract is derived from lupin seed coatings. It contains no preservatives.

The Laboratoires Expanscience Research and Development Centre has established that lupeol has a stimulating effect on the synthesis of the protein HSP 47. This so-called “chaperone” protein plays an essential role in promoting the correct assembly of the 1 and 2 procollagen chains. It helps to prevent the aggregation and deterioration of the chains, and incorrect helix assembly. The HSP 47 protein also fulfils a “quality control” function, by helping to prevent the maturation of abnormal procollagen.
In vitro tests have showed that lupeol also induced an overproduction of collagen I, the most abundant collagen, the quality of which diminishes with age (+290% for 20 µg/ml).

Collageneer® therefore improves both the quantity and quality of collagen. This is a significant finding, since only high-quality collagen is capable of boosting the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

The clinical study has just confirmed the concept under actual usage conditions (2% active ingredient). A significant improvement was apparent in the elasticity of volunteers’ skins, as well as a significant reduction in sagging of the facial oval after 42 days (15.7% reduction in the volume of the facial oval after 89 days).

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