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Perfect complexion without imperfections and healthy glow for amazing selfies

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The lotus flower has a magnificent temple named after it in Delhi, India, where it is also the national flower. It is entwined with Hindu and Buddhist culture, and associated with meditation and the search for physical and mental balance. The “lotus position” is popular in meditation and is supposed to improve breathing and physical stability, according to those who practice it.

The combination of two lotus flowers, the blue and pink ones, is the secret to remove excess oil, leave the skin more radiant and without shine, and help prevent the unsightly blemishes that sebum hypersecretion causes. The lotus are sacred flowers for some religions, and symbolize purity, serenity and beauty.
In recent years, it has been demonstrated that leptin, a protein synthesized and secreted by different cell types in our body, including skin cells, plays a key role in the cell mechanism that triggers sebum synthesis.

For the first time in cosmetics, we use a mechanism based on leptin-receptor inhibition to regulate the sebaceous glands.

As social media are universal and selfies are so popular amongst millenials from all over the world, many cosmetics on the market use claims about being “selfie-ready”. That’s why this combination has been tested in women and men, Asian and Caucasian.

The results were analyzed based on the consumer target of the product, considering that the quantity of oil varies according to race, with higher levels for Asians than Caucasians, and the fact that there is a decrease in sebaceous secretion for women from about 40 years of age.

In vitro tests on human sebocytes confirmed the effects of the active in reducing the production of sebum, by measuring:

  • The expression of genes and proteins involved in the production of sebum.
  • The quantity of lipids produced.
  • The composition of the sebum lipids associated with inflammation and acne.

After 8 hours and one application the skin shows all its glow but not unwanted shine, ready for “likes”.

For the Asian women, a shiny complexion is a major concern and it is common for them to touch up during the day to avoid shine. Balancing the activity of sebaceous glands reduces the amount of sebum and the oily look. At the same time there is a decline in the appearance of inflammatory lesions such as pimples as Asian skin also tends to have a prevalence of these type of lesions.

For the Caucasian women, there is a prevalence of lesions in the form of non-inflammatory comedones, such as blackheads or whiteheads although they have also some pimples.

For the Asian men, the excess sebaceous secretion and an oily complexion are also a source of concern, particularly  for the young people who are the top users of selfies.

The combination of lotus flowers obtains visible results in balancing oily skins and reducing all the secondary effects that are so visible and can cause a lot of stress and emotional turmoil. The active is suited for use in selfie-ready cosmetics, and products designed for oily skins.

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