Selling Circular: Making green beauty the retail reality

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Selling Circular: Making green beauty the retail reality

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Within the supply chain of cosmetics and personal care, the industry has seen many campaigns and efforts to improve sustainability through formulation innovations, circular business practices, and more. But how are retailers and the DTC market selling these changes to customers, and how are consumers receiving them? CosmeticsDesign Global’s expert panel will discuss what sustainability looks like downstream in personal care and cosmetics in this webinar.


 Jo Barnard Jo Barnard Founder and Creative Director of Morrama

Lena Chao Lena Chao Founder
Clean Circle

Jo Chidley Jo Chidley Founder
Beauty Kitchen

Helga Hertsig-Lavocah Helga Hertsig-Lavocah Senior Futurologist
Hint Futurology

Cassandra Stern Cassandra Stern Editor