Chewing gum flavoured lip balms - the future for Wrigley?

By Katie Bird

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Wrigley has teamed up with New York-based Lotta Luv to produce lip
balms and glosses in flavours of some of its most well known gum

The lip balms that will be released later this year will include balms and glosses for the Big Red, Juicy Fruit, Doublemint, Winterfresh and Wrigley's Spearmint brands. The range will be retailed in mass, supermarket and specialty stores such as Limited Too, Urban Outfitters, and Claire's. Supporting the Slim Pack ​ Their release will coincide and support the launch of the company's new Slim Pack that has been designed to be more durable and portable to complement consumers 'on-the-go' lifestyle. Wrigley's packaging redesign is an attempt by the company to boost sagging gum sales in the US by making the packaging more attractive to younger consumers. However, the new Slim Pack has not been without controversy as it contains fewer sticks of gum than its predecessor and is likely to retail at the same price. The announcement that the company's key brands will appear in a range of cosmetic products comes just over a month after the chewing gum giant merged with chocolate confectioner Mars - a merger that was accompanied by promises of increased innovation and product category extensions. Innovation and expansion ​ Commenting on the merger Bill Wrigley said in his letter: "This combined entity will be, among other things, the world's leading confectionary company, with the resources and critical mass to explore new geographies and categories that might have been beyond our reach in the past."​ In a company statement Wrigley said that the merger combined Wrigley's strengths with the resources and proven brand-building know-how of Mars and will result in "a powerful force for innovation and growth in the confectionery marketplace."​ Wrigleys is not the only confectioner on the books at Lotta Luv. Indeed the lip balm and gloss manufacturer specialises in candy and beverage flavoured products, currently boasting more than 200 saccharine offerings. Other products include the Hershey's flavour balm, Reese's peanut butter cup gloss and a Twinkies range including coconut marshmallow, apple and chocolate flavours.

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