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The continued rise of multicultural beauty in 2016

23-Dec-2016 - Diversity continues to be a key focus for the beauty industry, as brands big and small increasingly look to cater to a multicultural consumer base. We consider how this evolved...

Omnichannel beauty and wearable tech: how digital transformed the industry in 2016

23-Dec-2016 - Some of the most impressive advances seen in the industry this year have come from the impact of digital, both in the retail space and in the arena of product...

Beauty festive crackers proving a smash

23-Dec-2016 - Following on from the rise of the beauty advent calendar witnessed in the festive period in recent years, this holiday season has seen beauty crackers step into the spotlight as...

Indie Beauty Expo goes to Los Angeles in January

22-Dec-2016 - The leading personal care and cosmetics event for independent brands is happening in LA next month and will include a new feature called Indie Connect, an educational and networking forum...

Razor-sharp innovation: male grooming roundup for 2016

22-Dec-2016 - Men showed strong engagement with beauty and personal care in 2016, and brand campaigns and launches rose to meet their demand. Here, we take a look back at some of...

Each to their own: customisation and its impact on beauty in 2016

22-Dec-2016 - With smaller, more nimble beauty players doing better than bigger competitors in saturated, developed markets, the need for brands to be responsive to consumer demands became increasingly clear throughout 2016.

Ways to sell: retail channel innovations in 2016

22-Dec-2016 - With digital taking an ever more central role in the way beauty and personal care brands are retailing their products, we take a look at how consumer demand has shaped...

Cheryl Heinonen leaves Avon – sort of – for Macy’s

21-Dec-2016 - The direct sales beauty company is losing its senior vice president of corporate relations and chief communications officer on January 1st, but she’s continuing on with one of her Avon...

Top ten cosmetic and personal care trends for 2017

21-Dec-2016 - Cosmetics Design looks ahead to throw some light on the trends that are likely to impact the cosmetics and personal care industry the most throughout the course of 2017.

Eurofragance opens Singapore fragrance facility

21-Dec-2016 - Spanish fragrance designer and manufacturer, Eurofragance, inaugurates its Singapore plant as part of its corporate strategy to access growth opportunities in APAC.

Ingredients manufacturer M&A activity in 2016

21-Dec-2016 - It has been a big year for merger and acquisition activity among some of the biggest players in the fine chemical and ingredients supplier segment.

Top beauty mergers and acquisitions of 2016

21-Dec-2016 - It has been a busy year for M&A activity for both cosmetics brands and manufacturers, with big deals being brokered that increase the global footprint of some of the biggest...

Natural formulation innovation highlights of 2016

21-Dec-2016 - As rapid growth in natural and natural-based cosmetics and personal care products continues, formulators are under pressure to develop products that meet this demand without compromising efficacy.

Don't forget to make your submission to the Beauty Industry Awards!

20-Dec-2016 - The first submissions are coming in for the Beauty Industry Awards so you don't want to miss out on getting your own entries into this industry leading competition that will...

Latest data on the global beauty: market downgrade due to spending cuts

20-Dec-2016 - Euromonitor International, a market research firm, has released its Q4 data for the global beauty and personal care market, downgrading its forecast model to USD 4.4 billion.

Guest article

5 Top Actives of 2016

20-Dec-2016 - We’ve seen some fantastic materials launched this year with strong science and significant clinically proven results. There is no doubt ‘high science’ was on the agenda. Here are industry expert Belinda Carli's...

The Future Laboratory identifies ‘Top Beauty Ingredients to Watch’

19-Dec-2016 - The trend forecasting consultancy has just released its annual beauty futures report, which includes a list of color cosmetic, skin care, and hair care ingredients that are on the rise.

New approach to identifying allergens ‘helps fragrance makers speed time to market’

16-Dec-2016 - Identifying allergens is a challenge for any formulator of fragrance products, and one company reckons it’s found a novel way to speed up the process.

Bogart fragrance and cosmetics acquisition strengthens presence in Germany

16-Dec-2016 - Bogart has announced that it will be expanding its offering of creation, manufacture and commercialization of luxury fragrances and cosmetics with the acquisition of HC Parfumerie Group.

Top 5 stories from the industry this week

16-Dec-2016 - Our weekly roundup of the top need-to-know stories that have emerged from the beauty and personal care industry this week.

Ingredient maker J.M. Huber sells off silica business

15-Dec-2016 - In a deal announced this week, specialty chemical company Evonik has acquired the J.M. Huber silica business for more than $600m. It’s a transaction that will up the company’s position...

News focus

Anti-pollution claims: how to test them?

15-Dec-2016 - With no single, clear definition for the anti-pollution trend, how can brands test their ingredients and finished products for efficacy when it comes to protection claims? We get an industry...

Exclusive interview

‘No room for greenwashing’: The reality of sustainability for the personal care industry

15-Dec-2016 - With sustainability very much an industry focus and in the public eye, we caught up with Chris Sayner from specialty chemicals company Croda to get his take on the current...

Beauty around the clock: consumers want 24h coverage from routines

15-Dec-2016 - The industry is seeing the rise of 24h beauty solutions, with product launches covering specific sections of the day and night to cater to consumer demand.

AkzoNobel to make MCA in India

14-Dec-2016 - The specialty chemical maker has struck a deal with Atul to manufacture monochloroacetic acid, an ingredient used in multiple industries, including cosmetics. 

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