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Skin care ingredient maker Croda invests in Cutitronics

31-Jul-2017 - The deal with tech company Cutitronics is about more than just skin care devices and personalized product recommendations. It’s an expertise exchange and an opportunity for Croda to be a...

World Collagen Conference heads for London

28-Jul-2017 - The World Collagen Conference is gearing up for its 2017 edition, with organisers calling it the one and only global collagen event this year.

Vegan applicators: the next step for cruelty-free beauty?

28-Jul-2017 - In a sign that the trend has plenty of white space to tap into, Cosmogen has just launched a vegan brush set.

Microbeads: UK industry association responds to government’s conclusion on ban consultation

28-Jul-2017 - The UK government recently released the findings of its public consultation into a microbead ban in the region, and the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) has responded.

Trend Spotting: Ayurvedic beauty

27-Jul-2017 - The wellness and natural trends are getting more nuanced. As a result, both brands and consumers can be more selective about such products. And, it’s in this market climate that...

Inolex opens new sales office in France

27-Jul-2017 - In a push to increase its presence in Paris, global cosmetic ingredient company Inolex has opened a new sales office in Paris, France.

How to take a ‘holistic’ approach to sustainability: Sustainable Cosmetics Summit responds

27-Jul-2017 - The upcoming industry event is urging cosmetics and personal care industry players to take a holistic approach to sustainability, noting that “few companies appear to be looking beyond their environmental...

L’Occitane quarterly results: particularly strong in China

27-Jul-2017 - L’Occitane International SA, a global cosmetics and skin care player that trades on its naturals and organics profile, has released its most recent quarterly results.

Is DNA the sunscreen of the future?

26-Jul-2017 - Researchers at Binghamton University, a State University of New York, and The University of Rhode Island published an article today that suggests topically applied product formulated with DNA could be...

Brexit ‘could harm’ efforts towards animal testing alternatives

26-Jul-2017 - Concerns about Brexit’s potential impact onto the UK’s commitment to avoid animal testing have been raised by an animal rights group.

Firmenich uses visually impaired sensory panelists to assess flavours and fragrance

26-Jul-2017 - In a bid to for greater inclusion and diversity, flavour and fragrance player Firmenich has announced it will be rolling out its initiative of including visually-impaired people in its product...

Mobile retailing: Smashbox Cosmetics research reveals insights into eye tracking

26-Jul-2017 - Eye gaze location can offer insight into the specific locations and user interfaces hat users look at when shopping for cosmetics via mobile commerce, says new study.

Urban skin stress technology part I: Entering the next era

25-Jul-2017 - Science and technology consultancy, Sagentia, releases its latest white paper on the progression of urban skin stress technologies.

Exclusive interview

H&M on sustainability: insights from the fashion industry

25-Jul-2017 - Sustainability continues to be a lead issue on the beauty industry agenda. We got a supply chain expert’s insight, via Malin Lundahl of H&M.

Germany reduces heavy metal limits in cosmetics

25-Jul-2017 - The German government has announced a reduction in the limits for ‘technically avoidable’ heavy metals in cosmetics and personal care products.

Microbeads: UK government consultation on ban concludes, responses revealed

25-Jul-2017 - The UK government has released a summary of responses to its recent consultation on its proposed microbead ban, and explained how it is responding to these.

A hair and skin care line made from rice bran. And that includes the packaging!

24-Jul-2017 - At the recent Cosmoprof North America event we caught up with a spokesperson for the Taiwanese brand Reise. What is different is that not only is the Taiwanese hair and...

Douglas becomes ‘leading perfumery chain’ in Spain

21-Jul-2017 - A leading retailer in the European beauty market, Douglas, has become a dominant player in Spain due to the acquisition of perfumery business Bodybell.

Intercos and Cosmint: new partnership set to create major B2B beauty group

21-Jul-2017 - Intercos, a leading player on the international colour cosmetics and skin care scene, and Cosmint, a major manufacturer of skin, hair and body care, have announced a partnership.

Lush brings in immigration expert to advise concerned staff on Brexit

21-Jul-2017 - Lush, an outspoken brand when it comes to the UK’s decision to withdraw from the EU, has announced it will be offering immigration expert advice to support any of its...

Strategic Solutions International debuts unprecedented beauty insights tool

20-Jul-2017 - At Cosmoprof North America this month, SSI CEO Romina Brown launched her company’s newest research platform, a cloud-based interface that provides not only the usual cosmetics and personal care figures...

Unilever is keeping ahead of its markets

20-Jul-2017 - In its half-year results, Unilever has revealed that it is enjoying profitable growth, keeping it ahead of its market with its profits jumping by a fifth.

Black Beauty and Fashion Awards 2017 launched at UK parliament

20-Jul-2017 - This week saw the launch of the Black Beauty and Fashion Awards. The launch took place in the UK parliament, with UK MP Chi Onwurah saying black beauty will be...

Novacap acquires specialty chemicals player Chemoxy

20-Jul-2017 - Novacap, a worldwide player in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, announced today that it has signed an agreement to acquire Chemoxy International Ltd, a leading contract manufacturer for specialty chemicals...

At Cosmoprof NA, innovative tech promises fast, flawless beauty solutions

19-Jul-2017 - Skin care, hair care, color cosmetics—the list goes on. Even as inventive beauty entrepreneurs develop new products, tools, and technologies that are changing consumer beauty routines and spending habits, ingredient-driven...

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