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PCRM urges Europe to uphold 2013 marketing ban on animal testing as pressure builds

25-Oct-2011 - The Washington based doctors group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is reacting to fears that the upcoming marketing ban of animal-tested cosmetics is in jeopardy by today delivering to the...

EU hails ground-breaking nano definition

19-Oct-2011 - The European Commission said its newly unveiled common nanomaterial definition will provide a basis for clear regulation that will boost industry’s ability to develop products while safeguarding consumers.

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ECHA launches campaign urging registration for 2nd REACH deadline

14-Oct-2011 - European chemicals agency ECHA has launched the 'REACH 2013 - Act Now!' campaign to remind the industry to start preparing for the second REACH registration deadline.

PCPC: Obama's push for free trade legislation will help international trade for cosmetics

11-Oct-2011 - The Personal Care Product Council has announced its support of President Obama's decision to send the Colombia, Korea and Panama free trade agreements to Congress, stating the importance of international...

Slack formulation and labeling of color additives can lead to added costs and stress

05-Oct-2011 - Investing in having formulations and labels reviewed to ensure they only use permissible color additives, as well as ensuring ingredients are named correctly on the label can save cosmetics manufacturers...

New Zealand gets its first ever cosmetics certifier

05-Oct-2011 - BioGro has become the first New Zealand-based certifier to provide natural certification in the Oceania region after its recent accreditation by France-based Natrue.

CIR labels formaldehyde unsafe and calls for its removal from hair straightening products

03-Oct-2011 - After months of deliberation, the Cosmetics Ingredient Review Expert Panel (CIR) declared for the first time, that the use of formaldehyde and methylene glycol in hair straightening products is unsafe.

Australia streamlines the regulation of cosmetic ingredients

30-Sep-2011 - The Australian government has simplified the regulation of ingredients for cosmetic and personal care applications, in a bid to make the process less confusing.

NSF standard expanded to include European standards

29-Sep-2011 - The NSF International’s American National Standard for personal care products containing organic ingredients has been extended to allow organic ingredients regulated to European standards.

European Commission releases progress report on development of animal testing alternatives

14-Sep-2011 - The European Commission has presented its yearly report to the European Parliament and Council highlighting the development of alternative methods to animal testing in cosmetics, but is yet to confirm...

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Naturex achieves quality standards certification in US

13-Sep-2011 - Avignon-based ingredients supplier Naturex has gained BRC certification for its industrial site in New Jersey having complied with the strict regulations set by the certification body.

Fat's misleading: Competiton Bureau orders Nivea to reimburse consumers over false claims

08-Sep-2011 - Beiersdorf Canada, the Nivea skin care brand's Canadian distributor has reached a settlement with the Competition Bureau to stop making what the Bureau has concluded were false or misleading claims...

Debunking myths about silicones use in cosmetics

08-Sep-2011 - In the first of a two part interview, CosmeticsDesign spoke to Michel de Poortere, secretary general of the European Silicones Centre(CES) to find out just how much of a threat...

Brazilian Blowout being sued for $5m over beautician claims

06-Sep-2011 - Hair care company Brazilian Blowout is being sued in Manhattan Federal Court for $5m by a beautician who is claiming she was sickened by using one of its hair care...

No new or unknown risks from common nanomaterials - Denmark

29-Aug-2011 - There are no new or unknown risks from seven of the most commonly used nanomaterials, said a report from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (DEPA). But the body said a...

Hollywood stars urge EC to stick to its guns on 2013 animal testing ban

26-Aug-2011 - Actress Alicia Silverstone has joined True Blood star Kristin Bauer in urging the European Commission to stand by its proposed 2013 ban on the marketing of animal-tested products.

Colipa highlights progress on animal testing alternatives

24-Aug-2011 - Industry body Colipa has highlighted the latest progress on finding alternatives to animal testing at a congress on the subject held in Montreal, Canada.

Exclusive interview

John Bailey opens up about cosmetic safety misperceptions and misunderstanding

23-Aug-2011 - In light of the recent Safe Cosmetics Act, John Bailey, PhD, former-chief scientist for the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC), gives his opinion about how the cosmetics industry is often...

Memorandum encourages industry to help prevent biodiversity loss

19-Aug-2011 - The Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) and the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at encouraging the cosmetics industry to...

Guest article

European Silicones Centre shares lessons learnt from REACH Phase One

10-Aug-2011 - In this guest article, Michel De Poortere, secretary general of the industry body European Silicones Centre (CES), writes about the journey for its members to fulfill REACH Phase One.

RIFM has fragrance ingredients under review

08-Aug-2011 - An independent Expert Panel of interdisciplinary scientists has called for information from the Research Institute for Fragrance Ingredients’ (RIFM) Human Health Group Summary on fragrance ingredients.

China readies risk assessment guidelines for cosmetic product safety

20-Jul-2011 - The State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) in China are preparing risk assessment guidelines for impurities in cosmetics ingredients to further ensure the safety of products.

German risk assessment body warns over use of depilatory creams

19-Jul-2011 - The Germany-based Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) has issued a public warning over excessive use of depilatory creams containing the chemical thioglycolic acid.

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Conference on entering the Chinese market covering the regulation and market of cosmetics in China to be held in November

08-Jul-2011 - Supported by China’s State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) and the department of Health of Hong Kong SAR, the conference is the first of its kind.

Approval of cell-based assay for testing of Botox by FDA

30-Jun-2011 - California-based Allergan Inc has had its in-vitro, cell-based assay for testing the stability and potency of Botox and Botox cosmetic, approved by the FDA.

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