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UK government environmental group mounts pressure over microbeads

07-Jun-2016 - Europe has fallen behind places like Australia, Canada and the US when it comes to action to ban microbeads, but a UK government research papers aims to speed up the...

China gearing up to ban repackaged cosmetics?

02-Jun-2016 - China looks set to ban the sale of repackaged cosmetics, according to industry commentators, a move which will shut down the widespread practice of repackaging and remarketing products in the...

Indian brand launches campaign against skin whitening

26-May-2016 - Banjara’s, a herbal skin care brand in India, has launched a marketing campaign that makes a point of rejecting the traditional focus on skin lightening, a trend which dominates across...

RSPO European Roundtable will focus on progress so far

25-May-2016 - Next month will see the annual RSPO European Roundtable and give manufacturers and suppliers a chance to find out how the move towards sustainable palm oil is progressing.

Natrue Members' Assembly will take place in Berlin next month

24-May-2016 - The annual Natrue Assembly will take place in Berlin next month, gathering industry professional from the organic and natural beauty sector.

New skin lightening ingredient passes safety tests

19-May-2016 - Specialty chemicals firm Sirona Biochem has announced that its new skin lightening compound has recently gone through safety and efficacy testing that has brought the innovation a major step closer...

World Perfumery Congress returns to Florida next month

18-May-2016 - For three days in June the WPC will convene in Miami Beach with a focus on sustainability and a full program of presentations, education, networking opportunities, and dozens of exhibiting...

Denmark pushes for microbead ban in Europe

18-May-2016 - Denmark is adding to pressure on the European Parliament to take decisive action over the outlawing of microbeads in cosmetics and personal care products sold in the EU.

Latest SCCS ruling finds Phenoxyethanol safe in cosmetics

12-May-2016 - The European Commission has announced that a maximum concentration of 1.0 per cent of the preservative, Phenoxyethanol is safe for use in cosmetics.

J&J under pressure to prove product safety in India

11-May-2016 - Johnson & Johnson is facing pressure in India after losing two recent high-profile lawsuits in the US from women who blame its talcum products for their development of ovarian cancer.

Cruelty Free International publishes REACH guide

10-May-2016 - Animal rights group Cruelty Free International has published a guide aiming to help cosmetics and personal care companies comply with REACH regulations on animal-free testing.

The EC given approval for zinc oxide to be used as a sunscreen

10-May-2016 - After a deliberation process that has lasted many years, the European Commission has given its approval for nano-sized zinc oxide to be used in sunscreens.

J&J loses again

04-May-2016 - This week the consumer packaged goods company was order to pay millions to yet another woman who developed ovarian cancer following use of Johnson & Johnson’s talc products.

Could US and Canada rivalry help to end cosmetic testing on animals in North America?

14-Apr-2016 - Animal testing opponent Cruelty Free International hopes “sibling rivalry” between the US and Canada will drive a race between the countries to end cosmetics testing on animals.

EC announces public consultation on MI use in rinse-off cosmetics products

06-Apr-2016 - The European Commission announces the public consultation on Methylisothiazolinone (MI) in rinse-off cosmetic products, proposing a restriction on its use, as well as a ban when it comes to leave-on...

Body Wraps Facebook ad branded ‘misleading’ over slimming claims

06-Apr-2016 - A Facebook advert for Body Wraps Berkshire has been told not to reappear again in its current form after the UK advertising watchdog said it lacked evidence that the beauty...

Talc supplier and J&J headed to court over cancer

04-Apr-2016 - In a trial set to begin next week, more than 1,000 women are now suing the consumer goods company and the ingredients supplier Imerys Talc America for not disclosing known...

$10 million Suave hair loss settlement back in court

31-Mar-2016 - Unilever faced multiple class action suits when consumers using a Suave Professional product reported hair loss and scalp burns. Late last week the Seventh Circuit decided on an appeal from class...

Sun protection highlighted as key to combatting ‘occupational cancer’ for Europeans

31-Mar-2016 - A new report has highlighted the importance of sunscreen and better protection for millions of European workers who spend the majority of their time exposed to the sun, calling on...

Self-regulation effective for EU cosmetics advertising compliance… but let’s not get complacent

31-Mar-2016 - The European cosmetics industry’s self-regulation when it comes to its advertising is highly effective as the majority are deemed compliant with relevant codes/ laws, but this doesn’t mean it cannot...

Special Newsletter - Colour Cosmetics

The lowdown on colour regulation in Europe

25-Mar-2016 - Colour plays a vital role in the cosmetics industry, but manufacturers can sometimes be faced with the challenges that arise from the regulations surrounding colour and colourants. Here we sat...

ECHA recommends restrictions on D4 and D5 in some personal care products

22-Mar-2016 - The European Chemicals Agency (Echa) has recommended restrictions be placed on octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (D4) and decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (D5) in personal care products intended for use with water, as these are a mojor...

BASF nano forum calls for more transparency and clearer guidance for cosmetics

18-Mar-2016 - BASF’s Dialogforum Nano has called for clearer guidance and transparency in the future in order to work with nanomaterials in cosmetics safely and effectively, ensuring the needs of public authorities,...

Swiss government announces cosmetics tested on animals will be prohibited

11-Mar-2016 - The Federal Council in Switzerland announces it will ban the marketing of cosmetics that have been tested on animals abroad, bringing it closer to the existing EU ban which already...

Nouveau Beauty questioned over misleading marketing claims, by ASA

10-Mar-2016 - Marketing claims are scrutinised heavily in the cosmetics industry these days and cosmetics firm Nouveau Beauty is the latest to find itself on the receiving end of a telling off...