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Ireland now making moves to ban microbeads

16-Feb-2017 - An Irish government minister has made a move towards introducing a microbead ban in Ireland.

Lush re-launches shampoo bar to campaign against animal testing

02-Feb-2017 - Beauty brand Lush, known for its commitment to plugging ethical issues, has re-launched its global bestseller shampoo bar in support the Humane Society International’s animal testing ban campaign.

Five Nordic countries set to consider microbead ban

02-Feb-2017 - In line with the rising tide of opinion against the use of microbeads in cosmetics, an interparliamentary committee for the Nordic region has backed a proposal for a ban.

The Sunscreen Innovation Act: COSMED on what you need to know

27-Jan-2017 - With the Susncreen Innovation Act coming into force in the US, we take a look at it from the European market’s perspective. Here’s what you need to know.

Givaudan receives Fair for Life certification for natural fragrance ingredient

25-Jan-2017 - The fragrance maker sources clove leaf oil from Madagascar and has just announced that this collection network meets environmental management objectives and fair trade standards, qualifying the supply as Fair...

Animal testing: Switzerland follows EU approach with ban

20-Jan-2017 - Switzerland has introduced an official ban on the retail of cosmetics that have been tested on animals, bringing it closer in line with the EU ban on animal-testing in the...

Skin lightening: London businesses fined £168,000 for selling illegal cosmetics

17-Jan-2017 - A total of 15 cosmetics businesses across London were collectively fined £168,579 in 2016 for the supply and retail of unsafe cosmetics products, according to new figures published by London Trading Standards.

European Commission further delays long-awaited nano inventory

17-Jan-2017 - A nanomaterials inventory was due from the EC three years ago this month, however, it is still yet to appear.

EC: public consultations and call for data on various cosmetics ingredients

13-Jan-2017 - The European Commission is holding two public consultations and is calling for data on three ingredients used in cosmetics and personal care.

Common cosmetics treatment may increase risk of HIV transmission

10-Jan-2017 - Microdermabrasion, a common treatment by which a person’s skin is gently sanded with the aim of removing the thicker outer layer as a type of facial, is being investigated by...

Counterfeit cosmetics in France: customs officers uncover illegal manufacturing facility

10-Jan-2017 - In a discovery described as “exceptional and unprecedented”, investigators from the National Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation (DNRED) in France have uncovered a laboratory dedicated to the production of...

EC responds on CMR carcinogens ban in cosmetics

04-Jan-2017 - The European Commission's move last year to clarify how carcinogenic substances in cosmetics are regulated was met with criticism, and the EC has now responded.

Industry responds to public consultation on UK microbeads ban

03-Jan-2017 - A public consultation was launched by the UK government into its proposal to ban the manufacture and sale of cosmetics and personal care products containing plastic microbeads.

Exclusive interview

‘No room for greenwashing’: The reality of sustainability for the personal care industry

15-Dec-2016 - With sustainability very much an industry focus and in the public eye, we caught up with Chris Sayner from specialty chemicals company Croda to get his take on the current...

China’s cosmetics production license deadline approaches

14-Dec-2016 - Chinese cosmetics manufacturers must exchange or obtain a Cosmetic Production License before 31st December 2016 to continue manufacturing activities.

EU ban on carcinogenic substances up for debate

08-Dec-2016 - Denmark’s minister for environment and food has criticised the European Commission’s move earlier this year to clarify that carcinogenic substances are not automatically banned from use in cosmetics products....

Are P&G and Unilever using child labor to source palm oil for personal care and cosmetic products? Amnesty International says ‘yes’

30-Nov-2016 - The human rights NGO released a new report today calling out nine multinational corporations that Amnesty found to be buying oil from a company with documented child labor, as well...

Human volunteer studies for beauty: acquisition strengthens UK company

23-Nov-2016 - A UK company that specialises in contract research for the beauty and healthcare industries has announced the acquisition of a similar company, which specialises in human volunteer studies.

New European project aims to boost toxicological knowledge of natural substances

28-Oct-2016 - Two cosmetics industry bodies in Europe are collaborating in a new project that aims to develop the toxocological knowledge of natural substances and boost innovation.

‘Communication is key to chemical safety’: European bodies join forces

26-Oct-2016 - The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has teamed up with the European Chemistry Industry Council (Cefic) and the Downstream Users of Chemicals Co-ordination group (DUCC) in a bid to strengthen chemical...

Aluminium salts study claims ingredient can be linked with cancer

11-Oct-2016 - A new study by the University of Geneva claims to show that aluminum salts, widely used in antiperspirants and deodorants, could be environmental breast carcinogens.

Animal testing: inquiry launched into EU bodies' statement

07-Oct-2016 - In light of the recent EU court ruling that there are to be ‘no exceptions’ to the animal testing ban on cosmetics, an inquiry has been launched into the official,...

Alternatives to animal testing: ECHA launches multi-language guide

30-Sep-2016 - The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has launched guides to alternatives to animal testing and the REACH regulation, available to download in 23 languages.

Cosmetics stores rapped for carcinogenic products: London

28-Sep-2016 - Four UK businesses have been fined for selling cosmetics with banned ingredients, including some cancer-causing chemicals.

Animal testing ban: European Ombudsman examines claims against EU bodies

27-Sep-2016 - The official body responsible for investigating complaints about EU institutions is considering a complaint against the European Commission and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) relating to the ban on animal...

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