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EC ban on MIT preservative in leave-on cosmetics approved

01-Sep-2016 - The European Commission has approved a ban on methylisothiazolinone (MIT) in leave-on cosmetics, a preservative traditionally used in water-based formulations - for example, in shampoos, liquid soaps, hand lotions and...

South Africa cosmetics industry set for regulatory overhaul

31-Aug-2016 - The beauty industry in South Africa is gearing up for regulatory changes following a proposal recently put forward by the government for public scrutiny.

UK looks set to tackle microbeads amid calls to ‘avoid the loopholes’

30-Aug-2016 - The UK government’s Environmental Audit Committee has called for a ban in the use of microbeads in cosmetics, which it recommends the country implements even if the EU avoids doing...

Guest article

Brexit and the UK cosmetics industry: a view from CTPA

23-Aug-2016 - In this guest article, the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) outlines what the Brexit vote means for the UK cosmetics industry and how companies should be responding.

Louboutin wins Russian counterfeit cosmetics case

23-Aug-2016 - Christian Louboutin has won a lawsuit against four Russian companies for selling imitation Louboutin fragrances, granting the French company injunctive relief to prevent the rivals selling the products in question.

Chemicals and cosmetics come up for discussion in TTIP talks

16-Aug-2016 - In the most recent round of transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP) discussions, cosmetics and chemicals were considered.

Symrise Amazon receives sustainability endorsement for cosmetic ingredient sourcing

10-Aug-2016 - The ingredient and fragrance maker announced yesterday that its fruit and seed sourcing in the region has been certified by the Union for Ethical BioTrade.

Trade group calls for ‘appropriate, relevant and strict’ natural beauty definition

05-Aug-2016 - As the apparently unstoppable rise of the naturals trend continues, an industry non-profit association, NATRUE, has spoken out against the lack of formal regulatory definition for the term.

Greenpeace urges governments worldwide to ban all microbeads

27-Jul-2016 - A new study by Greenpeace suggests that most of the world’s cosmetics players are failing to meet the organisation’s environmental standards because of different interpretations of microbeads.

European Commission gives nod to nano titanium dioxide as UV filter

26-Jul-2016 - The European Commission has confirmed an amendment to the list of accepted ultraviolet (UV) filters will now include nano-sized titanium dioxide.

L’Oréal heiress court saga continues as daughter is accused of bribery

21-Jul-2016 - More money, more problems as the saying goes. Which seems to be ringing true for the family behind the L’Oréal empire of late.

What is halal skin care and makeup, and what are the trends?

06-Jul-2016 - Halal is becoming big business for the beauty industry globally, and particularly in Asia: a central focus for this week’s in-cosmetics Korea event, we take a closer look at the...

Scientists believe ‘systematic review’ will ease concerns around cosmetics chemical safety

24-Jun-2016 - According to researchers at the University of Lancaster, lessons from the field of medicine could help provide clearer answers to concerns around chemical safety, particularly in the case of the...

UK government gives nod to ban on microbeads

22-Jun-2016 - Following the publication of research by an audit body, the UK government now says it backs a ban on microbeads in the country.

UK government environmental group mounts pressure over microbeads

07-Jun-2016 - Europe has fallen behind places like Australia, Canada and the US when it comes to action to ban microbeads, but a UK government research papers aims to speed up the...

China gearing up to ban repackaged cosmetics?

02-Jun-2016 - China looks set to ban the sale of repackaged cosmetics, according to industry commentators, a move which will shut down the widespread practice of repackaging and remarketing products in the...

Indian brand launches campaign against skin whitening

26-May-2016 - Banjara’s, a herbal skin care brand in India, has launched a marketing campaign that makes a point of rejecting the traditional focus on skin lightening, a trend which dominates across...

RSPO European Roundtable will focus on progress so far

25-May-2016 - Next month will see the annual RSPO European Roundtable and give manufacturers and suppliers a chance to find out how the move towards sustainable palm oil is progressing.

Natrue Members' Assembly will take place in Berlin next month

24-May-2016 - The annual Natrue Assembly will take place in Berlin next month, gathering industry professional from the organic and natural beauty sector.

New skin lightening ingredient passes safety tests

19-May-2016 - Specialty chemicals firm Sirona Biochem has announced that its new skin lightening compound has recently gone through safety and efficacy testing that has brought the innovation a major step closer...

World Perfumery Congress returns to Florida next month

18-May-2016 - For three days in June the WPC will convene in Miami Beach with a focus on sustainability and a full program of presentations, education, networking opportunities, and dozens of exhibiting...

Denmark pushes for microbead ban in Europe

18-May-2016 - Denmark is adding to pressure on the European Parliament to take decisive action over the outlawing of microbeads in cosmetics and personal care products sold in the EU.

Latest SCCS ruling finds Phenoxyethanol safe in cosmetics

12-May-2016 - The European Commission has announced that a maximum concentration of 1.0 per cent of the preservative, Phenoxyethanol is safe for use in cosmetics.

J&J under pressure to prove product safety in India

11-May-2016 - Johnson & Johnson is facing pressure in India after losing two recent high-profile lawsuits in the US from women who blame its talcum products for their development of ovarian cancer.

Cruelty Free International publishes REACH guide

10-May-2016 - Animal rights group Cruelty Free International has published a guide aiming to help cosmetics and personal care companies comply with REACH regulations on animal-free testing.

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