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PeptanTM Collagen peptides: clinically proven to enhance skin health

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PeptanTM Collagen peptides: clinically proven to enhance skin health

Positive findings from two scientific studies give PeptanTM Collagen peptides all-important credibility for the nascent nutricosmetic industry.
Two new scientific studies in France and Japan looking at the effects of taking PeptanTM Collagen peptides on skin condition have shown benefits across a range of indicators. Objective measurements showed that women taking PeptanTM for between eight and 12 weeks had improved skin moisture levels, suppleness and smoothness. PeptanTM not only reduced the number of micro relief furrows but also prevented the formation of deep wrinkles.

Beauty really does come from within
The PeptanTM research involved two double-blind randomized clinical studies versus placebo with women in France and in Japan. The women ingested 10g of PeptanTM Collagen peptides every day and their skin was assessed using dermaphysiological measures and self-assessment questionnaires.

The studies looked at the effects of taking PeptanTM on skin suppleness, its moisturizing and anti-aging effects and volunteers’ perceptions. After eight weeks, 91 per cent of the PeptanTM volunteers saw their skin hydration level increase. Skin hydration improved by almost a third in the PeptanTM group compared to the placebo.

In addition, the number of micro-relief furrows significantly decreased with PeptanTM – by 26% in 12 weeks. At the same time, there was no increase in the number of deep wrinkles with PeptanTM, while the placebo group saw a 30% increase in such wrinkles over the 12 weeks of the study. These results indicate that PeptanTM Collagen peptides works both to restore age-damaged skin and to prevent further decline.

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