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DermCom - Cell2cell communication

Mibelle Biochemistry | 28-May-2014 | Video Video
DermCom is the first cosmetic ingredient that uses cell to cell communication for repair deep in the skin. DermCom triggers in the skin s...

Slidissime: the new airless ritual

Promens | 10-Oct-2013 | Video Video
Specialist of the airless pouch system, Promens brings a new revolution in airless jar with a new gesture: the Slide.Promens has gone bey...
 Mibelle Biochemistry

AnaGain™ – new ways to stimulate hair growth

Mibelle Biochemistry | 12-Sep-2013 | Video Video
Thanks to its double action, AnaGain™ stimulates hair growth at the root and prolongs the life cycle of hair. AnaGain™ -  a natural...

Pycnogenol® for Endothelial Health

Horphag | 03-Oct-2012 | Video Video
Dr. Steven Lamm walks through the groundbreaking clinical study published in the European Heart Journal that found botanical extract Pycn...
TLM Pharma – Packaging Line for Vials

TLM Pharma – Packaging Line for Vials

Schott Relations GMBH | 11-Jun-2012 | Video Video
A Russian customer is currently packing 20 different packages on his new TLM pharma-machine. They are packed with various vials in packag...
Rousselot video image

PeptanTM Collagen peptides: clinically proven to enhance skin health

Rousselot | 18-Mar-2011 | Video Video
“Since the dawn of time, people have wanted to stay healthy, young and beautiful…” Peptan™ collagen peptides improve the skin suppleness...

Global Personal Care Macrotrends Presentation

Lubrizol | 12-Jul-2010 | Video Video
Noveon® Consumer Specialties presents an interpretation of three global macrotrends, their perceived impact on the personal care market a...

Formax Skin Care & Sunscreen

Chemspeed Technologies AG | 26-Aug-2009 | Video Video
Stay competitive by faster and better mapping of both ingredients space & process space! Chemspeed's FORMAX SKIN CARE & SUNSCREE...