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White paper: Creating proven haircare products

White paper: Creating proven haircare products

Stable Micro Systems | 18-Jan-2016 | PDF Technical / white paper
In today’s competitive haircare market, being able to differentiate products and substantiate claims about them is vital for success. Dow...

Saskatoon Berry & Chia Seed – Lipoid Kosmetik’s new Trend Products

Lipoid Kosmetik AG | 18-Jan-2016 | PDF Technical / white paper
Saskatoon Berry - The Canadian Power.Saskatoon Berries are a perfect example of a trending superfood. Already the Crees, one of the larg...
AGASCALM™ Reduces stress-induced inflammation and redness

AGASCALM™ Reduces stress-induced inflammation and redness

Provital Group | 21-Dec-2015 | PDF Clinical study
A stressful daily lifestyle can have a detrimental impact on the skin. Agascalm™ helps to neutralise the negative effects caused by psych...

Three Whitening Ingredients Every Formulator Must Have

Tagra | 07-Dec-2015 | PDF Clinical study
Market trends reflect a rising demand for personal care, whitening/brightening products. Tagra Biotechnologies offers a unique all-in-one...


Wacker | 28-Oct-2015 | PDF Application note
Unlike conventional phenyl silicone fluids, BELSIL® PF 200 not only has a high refractive index for brilliant gloss and a supple feel, bu...

Secrets of beauty from the ice age

Mibelle Biochemistry | 19-Oct-2015 | PDF Clinical study
PhytoCellTec™ nunatak®, the latest stem cell active based on stem cells which come from the high alpine plant Saponaria pumila. This flow...

D-Glycargine®: The A.G. E breaker tool to reverse aging!

Solabia Group | 19-Oct-2015 | PDF Application note
The arginine PCA, combination of L-pyrrolidone carboxylic acid and arginine, has shown for the first time a great potential in the field...

Zemea® with Glycerin – a Perfect Partner to Improve your Skin Care Formulations

DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products | 28-Sep-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
New sensory and moisturization testing results have shown consumer perceived benefits from combining Zemea® propanediol with glycerin in...

Exo-P™: A biomimetic shield against urban pollution & smog

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics | 22-Sep-2015 | PDF Data sheet
By observing French Polynesia Kopara, unique ecosystem consisting in microorganism mats, a protective exopolysaccharide has been isolated...

Free white paper: Perfecting skin care products

Stable Micro Systems | 21-Sep-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
In today’s ever expanding cosmetics industry, being able to quantify the efficacy of skin care products is vital for market success. Down...
Pycnogenol® Improves Visible Signs of Aging

Pycnogenol® Improves Visible Signs of Aging

Horphag | 08-Sep-2015 | PDF Clinical study
Nourish the skin from the inside out withPycnogenol®, French maritime pine bark extract.Decades of research on Pycnogenol® have shown it...

Unique hydrophilic rheology modifiers to play with textures

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies | 01-Sep-2015 | PDF Application note
New crosslinked acrylic polymers are particularly interesting compounds for innovative textures thanks to their multifunctionality. Sensi...

euxyl® K 903 – schülke´s new eco-friendly preservative blend

Schülke | 31-Aug-2015 | PDF Application note
It is schülke’s mission to support customers in finding the most suitable preservative for each application. With euxyl® K 903, schü...

Brand erosion: when teams fail to communicate

ProProcure Limited | 16-Jun-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
For luxury beauty brands an exceptional point-of-sale experience is critical – it’s part of selling the luxury dream to the consumer and...

Mariliance, marine neuro-soother, secret of longevity

Soliance | 15-Jun-2015 | PDF Data sheet
Soliance has developed the first active able to enhance skin longevity by reducing the production of inflammation and neuro-inflammation...

Berkem makes you younger with potentilla flower

Berkem | 08-Jun-2015 | PDF Data sheet
From the heart of potentilla rhizomes, a delicate and potent flower, Berkem has developed Berkemyol® potentilla, a highly purified active...

Tafre+ Fibre is Now Antimicrobial!

TAIKI Cosmetics Europe S.A.S | 01-Jun-2015 | PDF Application note
Taiki’s human engineering Tafre+ Fibre improves on nature to outperform animal hair with superior pick-up and pay-off.And now Tafre+ is a...

usNeo™ Anti-Dandruff

Lipoid Kosmetik AG | 25-May-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
usNeo is an innovative botanical active developed for the use in anti-dandruff shampoos and related hair care products. It is derived fro...

PIXALIA ® - Zoom in on oily to blemish-prone skins

Laboratoires Expanscience | 25-May-2015 | PDF Data sheet
PIXALIA®, eco-designed active ingredient, is an extract obtained from the dried leaves of Cleome gynandra, an african plant known for its...

LC Herbasol® – Standardized Botanical Extracts

Lipoid Kosmetik AG | 11-May-2015 | PDF Case study
LC Herbasol comprises a new series of liquid botanical extracts optimized for cosmetic applications.In order to have a marker for the qua...

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